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Be Gourmet

Bgourmet is a B2B Platform for the sale of Spanish Gourmet products.


We offer a wide selection of high quality products with an exclusive origin and exquisite flavours. All of them have been selected from artesanal production and are available for you to distribution.


Let’s talk. If there is a will, there is a way.

María Huarte 
the soul of this project

Her selection of products is an immediate offer, which is studied and designed based on an unceasing search of what makes a product worth being in the BGourmet selection.

The knowledge in origin, the extended conversations with the producers, her immense curiosity and her exquisite taste, brings us closer to a world full of flavours, scents and sensations, that are part of her gastronomical inspiration. BGOURMET is BeGOURMET.

  • Image ofTasting Pack: 12 jars with 6 different Mousses

    Tasting Pack: 12 jars with 6 different Mousses

    Everyone deserves to indulge occasionally. These mousses are a gourmet whim to give as a present or to treat yourself. The first temptation is to try the mousse on its own, the flavor of the mushroom is mild and lingers, but the taste of the spices is more intense. From then on, you can think […]

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  • Licor de Patxarán 512 Licor de Patxarán 512

    Patxarán 1512

    Special Limited Edition commemorating
    the Conquest of Navarre in 1512.

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  • Image of“Ugly but exquisite”_ Handmade and wood-fired (hazelnut, almond and lemon)

    “Ugly but exquisite”_ Handmade and wood-fired (hazelnut, almond and lemon)

    Quality Italian pastries, baked in a wood-fired oven in the Romanzado region of Navarre (Spain), a crazy combination as exquisite as the flavours of its pastries.  

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  • Image ofEVOO with Black Truffle 100 ml.

    EVOO with Black Truffle 100 ml.

    EVOO with BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber Melanosporum), 100% handmade and natural, made only with top quality truffle. Amazing liquid gold colour, perfect to give a delicious truffle flavour to all kinds of recipes, sweet or salty. Available in 100 ml.

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  • Image ofRhusbeer beer

    Rhusbeer beer

    In another era, spices were considered such a precious commodity that their value was equaled to that of jewelry. Luxury products, only available to the rich and wealthy. Using the well-known Phoenician routes and later the Venetian

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  • Image ofCider Martitxonea

    Cider Martitxonea

    This traditional 17th century house, located in an amazing place in one of the oldest valleys in the whole of Navarre: Larraun, makes cider in the traditional way with the apples they produce themselves. Available in boxes of 3 and 12 bottles.

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  • Image ofExtra Virgin Olive Oil Spheres

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spheres

    These EVOO spheres give dishes an elegant design and luxurious touch, as their appearance of oil pearls or oil caviar, give an original decorative detail. They explode in our mouth with every bite, creating an unexpected texture and flavor that blends with the rest of the ingredients. Their texture turns each dish into a unique […]

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  • Image ofPrebiotic Fiber Rich in Antioxidants 100%

    Prebiotic Fiber Rich in Antioxidants 100%

    PreBIOfenol is a new product launched by Ecoprolive that was presented on a worldwide basis at the Dubai GULFOOD-2018 trade show, where it was finalist for the best innovative ingredient. Its high content in polyphenols, iron, dietary fiber and vegetal protein makes of PreBIOfenol a superfood that is worth including in daily meals. We suggest […]

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