• Image ofEVOO with Black Truffle 100 ml.

    EVOO with Black Truffle 100 ml.

    EVOO with BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber Melanosporum), 100% handmade and natural, made only with top quality truffle. Amazing liquid gold colour, perfect to give a delicious truffle flavour to all kinds of recipes, sweet or salty. Available in 100 ml.

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  • Image ofExtra Virgin Olive Oil Spheres

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spheres

    These EVOO spheres give dishes an elegant design and luxurious touch, as their appearance of oil pearls or oil caviar, give an original decorative detail. They explode in our mouth with every bite, creating an unexpected texture and flavor that blends with the rest of the ingredients. Their texture turns each dish into a unique […]

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