María Huarte's portrait

María Huarte

I’m passionate for people,
and sustainable tourism

I am María, I’m a child of the earth, of the work and sweat of generations, who I have to thank for keeping the artesanal work for decades and preserving the knowledge that allows us to put this exquisite  products of the website in our tables.

This project is born from the love for our homeland, for the people that keep alive those places with only their hands and for the gastronomical richness that we have.


Traveling made me discover this passion. Trip after trip, I wanted to go deep into the places I visited because of gastronomy. This way I met craftsmen, with whom I still have a close relation. These relations help me be in touch, not only with the local producers, but also with their products.

I understand gastronomy as a cultural expression of the natural diversity that I try to bring you closer to on this website.

Local products

I bet for local products. With this project I try to promote the purchase of local products, making crafstmen, their products and their place of origin, more visible.

I am passionate for those gastronomical artists that succeed in keeping the tradition alive and make their products an identity mark of their homeland.


I strongly believe that humans can consume without wasting our natural resources, without harming either the environment nor the health. Because of this, the products we offer are made with natural, local and high quality ingredients, that contribute to the maintenance of wildlife and our culinary traditions.