Prebiotic Fiber Rich in Antioxidants 100%


PreBIOfenol is a new product launched by Ecoprolive that was presented on a worldwide basis at the Dubai GULFOOD-2018 trade show, where it was finalist for the best innovative ingredient. Its high content in polyphenols, iron, dietary fiber and vegetal protein makes of PreBIOfenol a superfood that is worth including in daily meals. We suggest a 3g/day intake for at least 30 consecutive days.

PreBIOfenol contains more than 100 times as much Polyphenols than olive oils that comply with the minimum content set by the EFSA for olive oils to be considered healthy.

Add PreBIOfenol (prebiotic fiber rich in polyphenols) to your taste (3%-6%) and enrich home-made bread, cookies, cakes… Or use it as topping for your healthy snacks such as yoghourts, toasts, salads, pasta… 100% organic, suitable for vegans and celiacs

Available in 150 grams doy-pack



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