Tasting Pack with 9 types of dried mushrooms

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Mushrooms are a seasonal product, have a very short shelf life and are very delicate to handle. This is the reason why different preservation techniques are used to make them available all year round.

The alternative we propose is the dehydration technique. The food remains raw, and not only preserves its properties but also intensifies the flavours and aromas.

We offer you a tasting pack with up to 9 different varieties:

  1. Craterellus Cornucopioides
  2. Lactarius Deliciosus
  3. Amanita Caesarea
  4. Cantharellus Cibarius
  5. Calocybe Gambosa “Perretxiko”
  6. Lentinula Edodes
  7. Boletus Edulis
  8. Tricholoma Terreum
  9. Grifola Frondosa